Geeky Gurus

Geeky Gurus

Geeky Gurus

One of the most common questions we have encountered in the work undertaken by the Centre for Legal Innovation to date is: “Where do I find a specialist in…” a number of different topics. These questions are often resolved by asking for recommendations from friends, colleagues or clients. We wanted to assist members by providing a list of hot topics and people who will be able to assist you with your questions, big and small. We have called this group of specialists our Geeky Gurus (GGs) and we have listed their names and areas of specialism below. This is a dynamic list so it will change – we will be sure to let you know when we add more GGs to the list!

The GGs are there to provide a free initial 15 minute consultation to all LP Lab members. You just need to contact them (links to their details are noted below) and let them know you are an LP Lab member.

Please also note, in offering 15 minutes free consultation from a GG (Free Advice Session) the Centre for Legal Innovation and The College of Law are acting only as a referral service and do not assume any liability, or take any responsibility in respect of any Free Advice Session or any subsequent commercial relationship entered into between you and the GG (Subsequent Advice).

The Centre for Legal Innovation and The College of Law do not represent or warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information provided during a Free Advice Session or Subsequent Advice. The Centre for Legal Innovation and The College of Law are not responsible for any loss suffered as a result of or associated with the use of any information received by you in the Free Advice Session or the Subsequent Advice.

Further, the advice provided by a GG does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

The Centre for Legal Innovation and The College of Law do not take any commission or benefit from the Free Advice Session or the Subsequent Advice.

The Geeky Gurus are:

  • John Chisholm, Director, The Innovim Group – pricing of legal services
  • Peter Dombkins, Director, NewLaw, PwC Australia & Adjunct Associate Professor, UNSW (Law) – Legal project management – Legal project management
  • Amanda Fajerman, Engagement Manager, Barhead Solutions – legal operations
  • Sam Flynn, Co-Founder, Josef – lawyerbots
  • Mary Hockaday, Director, MBH Consulting Pty Ltd – leadership, strategy, talent management, organisational design, risk and corporate governance, coaching and mentoring
  • Alison Laird, Director, Laird Innovations - legal innovation, legal innovation initiatives and committees
  • Melissa Lyon, Executive Director and Experience Designer, Hive Legal – legal design thinking
  • Fiona McLay, Principal Consultant, McLay Legal - getting started with tech projects in a small team and in small litigation cases
  • Katherine Thomas, CEO, Free Range Lawyers - flexible work arrangements
  • Gene Turner, Managing Director, LawHawk – document automation
  • Carl White, Director and Chief Experience Officer, CXINLAW– client experience and client journey mapping
  • David Williams, CEO & Cyber Security Advisor, FortiTech – cyber security, managed technology services and telephony