The LP Lab has seven Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Your LP Lab membership gives you immediate, free access to all of them. Once you join the LP Lab, just let us know which SIGs you would like to join and we’ll send some more details:

  • Better Betas: this SIG focuses on matching legaltech start-ups looking for beta testers in specific practice areas and initiatives.

  • Innovation and Legal Ops Leaders SIG: this SIG focuses on creating a place where those leading innovation, transformation and legal ops in the legal ecosystem can connect, collaborate, learn, and share experience.

  • Legal Design Thinkers: this SIG focuses on creating a place where those working or interested in the concepts and application of legal design thinking in legal practice, can connect, collaborate and share experience.

  • LegalTech and A2J: this SIG focuses on providing a platform for the legaltech/AI community to connect with community legal centres and pro bono initiatives to collaborate on legaltech solutions to support A2J.

  • Reinventing Legal Business: this SIG focuses on creating a learning community for legal business leaders, managers and executives to explore, discuss and collaborate on new and emerging legal business models and different ways to deliver legal services and products within and outside the legal industry.

  • Young Legalpreneurs: this SIG focuses on creating a platform for early career professionals to network, collaborate, exchange ideas, share experience, and learn about what’s changing in the legal ecosystem and why it matters.

  • Women Legalpreneurs: this SIG focuses on connecting and supporting entrepreneurial women in the legal industry, as they lead and transform legal practice.